Councillor Duties

Councillors form an integral part of the society’s governing board and their contributions are very much appreciated.


1.  Must be a member in good standing; is appointed by the Board of Directors for a one-year term, announced at the annual general meeting in November.

2.  Promotes the interests of the society in his/her municipality; informs the society about historical events in his/her geographical area, by contacting the president.

3.  Councillors are normally welcome to attend all board meetings as non-voting participants.

4.  Publicizes the WHS in his/her area by: (1) helping the publicity chair promote WHS activities and publications in the local newspaper; perhaps writing a ‘press release’ specific to the area’ (2) helping the WHS newsletter editor distribute newsletters and suggest items for the newsletter; (3) distributing brochures.

5.  Coordinates with the membership chair to deliver annual volumes in his/her area.

6.  Actively participates in updating WHS archives by; (1) keeping eyes and ears open for public events, historical documents, business papers etc. – anything to do with the area’s history – and submitting to the archivist; (2) encouraging families and businesses to donate – or loan for reproduction – pictures, documents, historical items (or inform the archivist, who can then make the contact if the councillor choose not to.).

7.  Works toward joining the board as a director.

8.  Keeps WHS board and newsletter editor informed of events by sister organizations.

9.  Assists with general meetings of the WHS, especially when held in his/her area; e.g. suggest meeting rooms, introduce/thank speakers, help with refreshments.

10. WHS recognizes that councillors can be members in other historical organizations. If there is a question of precedence, e.g. archives, it should be discussed with the executive.

11. The WHS secretary will email board meeting agendas and minutes to councillors.