Board and Council

2024 Board and Council


President, Web Site Committee Chair, Nominating Committee Member – John Glass

Past President – Vacant

1st Vice-President – Vacant

2nd Vice-President – Vacant

Secretary – Mary Lapp

Treasurer – Jeff Shank


Archivist, Corporate Records – Karen Ball-Pyatt

Book Table Co-ordinator, Membership Committee Chair – Mary Anne Banks

Communications Committee Chair, Nominating Committee Chair – Lesley Webb

Communications Committee Member – Glenn Thorpe

Newsletter Editor – Marion Roes

Plaques Committee Chair – Warren Stauch

Plaques Committee Member, Nominating Committee Member – Debbie Kroetsch

Plaques Committee Member – Raymond Ruddy

Programs Committee Chair – Eric Uhlmann

Programs Committee Member – Sophia Grande-Lawlor

Publication Committee Chair/Volume Editor, Storage Co-ordinator – rych mills

Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation Representative – David Emberly


Cambridge – Vacant

Kitchener – Harold Russell (Plaques Committee Member), Sandra Parks (Plaques Committee Member), Erin Applebee

Waterloo – Jane Britton

Wilmot – Patty Clarke

North Dumfries – Irene Schmidt, Kim Hopps

Wellesley – Nancy Maitland, Rosanne Atwater-Hallatt (Publication Committee member)

Woolwich – Diane Strickler

Past Officers and Committee members

Lists compiled by rych mills using the WHS annual reports/volumes.

Senior Executive and Publication Committee (1913-present) plus Museum Committee (1924-1969) and other post-1960 committees


Waterloo Historical Society By-Law 1