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The goal of the Online Indexing project is to enable local history researchers to quickly locate articles and subject matter in the annual volumes and ensure that the volume remains relevant in the digital age.  In May of 2016, the board engaged Anna-Marie Larsen and Carl Simpson in contract for the project.  The initial indexing is currently 60% complete and we are putting the indexes online as they are proofed and corrected.

Once each volume has been indexed and reviewed, the second phase will begin.  This involves merging all of the text (subject) indexes together and doing the same with the images index.  It is at this time that subject headings and sub-headings will be determined and used to better organize the index.  The fully-searchable finished product will be available on this website.


The format of the online index is a searchable PDF (use ctrl F and search by keyword).  There are two indexes for each volume; one for text including articles and frontispieces; and another for images including photographs, tables and graphs.  The PDFs take the physical look of a traditional back of the book index.  The format of the electronic file used to create the index will give us the option of creating a simple database in the future with more advanced search functionality.

Once the project is complete we will provide a legend and tips on searching.  For now, note that maiden names are in brackets,  nicknames are in quotation marks, and authors are indicated with (A).  To facilitate the eventual merge of the indexes, the volume number appears in brackets or with a colon (we are still sorting out the final style) before the corresponding page number(s) to the reference.


Year/Volume          Text Index             Image Index

2015/103                103 Text Index     103 Image Index

2014/102                N/A                        N/A

2013/101                101 Text Index     101 Image Index

2012/100                100 Text Index     100 Image Index

2011/99                  99 Text index       99 Image Index

2010/98                  98 Text Index       98 Image Index

2009/97                  97 Text Index       97 Image Index

2008/96                  96 Text Index       96 Image Index

2007/95                  95 Text Index       95 Image Index

2006/94                  94 Text Index       94 Image Index


Thank you

The Online Indexing project was made possible by funding from the Good Foundation Inc. and Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation.


Many of you have also generously donated to this project.  Fundraising from members has resulted in over $8,000 in funds and has helped tremendously in reaching our goal.

Adele Hempel
Bertha Thompson
Bruce & Marianne Sanders
Bruce Audley Weber
Charlotte Woodley
David J. Westfall
Debbie Kroetsch
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